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Reframe Your Core: Why It Is More Than 6 Pack Abs


In this program, you will learn the anatomy of our true core, which is made up of three key muscles (the respiratory diaphragm, transverse abdominus, and pelvic floor) beyond the "six pack abs" we often think of as our core. You will then be guided through embodiment of this anatomy in order to understand how to coordinate it and apply it to functional movements. There are five 20-30 minute videos included in this course: 1. Video One: Focus on Pressure Management 2. Video Two: How To Breathe Into and Lengthen Your Core 3. Video Three: Focus On Contracting & Engaging Your Core 4. Video Four: Focus On Differentiating the Posterior & Anterior Pelvic Floor 5. Video Five: Focus On Coordinating Core with Lower Extremity Movement This course is appropriate for anyone with pelvic floor dysfunction. This is also appropriate if you are curious to understand your core at a deeper level in order to perform exercises more safely, cue exercises more appropriately if you are a movement teacher, or just deepen your connection with a vital part of yourself.

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