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Our Values At Bodyful

At Bodyful Physical Therapy, we believe our values are an essential part of what makes our care unique and important for our community.


We value promoting and providing quality pelvic health to ALL gender and body identities.


We value looking at pelvic health through an orthopedic lens. We take the whole body into account in our assessment and treatment. This also includes assessing the visceral fascia.


We value being polyvagal informed practitioners- meaning we are informed on how the nervous system dictates pain and dysfunction. We also embody co-regulation and do our best to create an environment of safety as we acknowledge this is one of the most healing aspects of care a practitioner can provide.


We value embodying what we teach. We have our own practices of co-regulation through therapy, meditation, and mindful movement in the community including yoga, dance, and dance improvisation.


We value the importance of language and promote self-efficacy by education our clients that they are ultimately the ones that heal themselves. We do not "fix" anything. We have a conversation with your nervous system through skilled and anatomically informed techniques, and your brain is what ultimately makes the change.


We value a somatic approach to physical therapy. We value the mind-body connection and believe in creating space for everyone to have their own individual experience with their body. We have our own personal practices with Feldenkrais, Body Mind Centering, and other somatic work that informs our practice.


We value always returning to movement as a sustainable path to healing. We assess and treat through a movement systems lens and value promoting integrating back into functional movement and back into joyful movement within the community.


We value uplifting other healers and movers in our community. We believe in a team approach to healing, understanding that we all have something valuable to offer in our unique perspectives. We also acknowledge that the client-therapist connection is one of the most important aspects of healing, and we want to help you find the right connection. 

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