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The services we provide are covered by your out-of-network physical therapy benefits. In other words, we do not contract with most insurance companies and we do not bill your insurance. We take payment at time of service and are happy to provide you with an invoice, or superbill, that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Sometimes your out- of-network reimbursements are higher than your high deductible in-network reimbursements. We do accept HSA and FSA. We are currently in network with Medicare primary payer. Please inform us if you are a Medicare or Medi-Cal patient. 

Out-of-Network Care

As out-of-network clinicians, we can focus on our clinical care. We are avoiding the administrative burden of getting paid by third party payers and the yearly reduced fee schedules that are not keeping up with the increasing costs of living, training expenses and continuing education, and our operation costs to stay open in the Bay Area. We offer individualized, comprehensive treatments that are sensitive to your needs for pacing and comfort. We collaborate with you to develop a plan of care that aligns with your meaningful goals and intentions. Because we guide and use modalities to support body awareness and to notice shifts in your nervous system, a clear path to your healing process is attainable in 1-3 visits. Our flexible treatment timelines are based on your values versus possible insurance limitations. Our compassionate model offers support and resources for your embodied, authentic healing quest towards sustainable and effective change and integration. We also refer you out to other providers, as needed, for your specific needs and healing journey outside of PT. Lastly, check out our online courses we offer under the "Wellness" section!

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