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The services we provide are covered by your out-of-network physical therapy benefits. In other words, we do not contract with most insurance companies and we do not bill your insurance. We take payment at time of service and are happy to provide you with an invoice, or superbill, that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Please refer to the FAQs page for guidance on how to call your insurance company in regards to out-of-network physical therapy benefits. Sometimes your out- of-network reimbursements are higher than your high deductible in-network reimbursements. Our current prices are competitive when compared to other cash based practices in the area. We do accept HSA and FSA. We do accept Medicare. We are contracted with Sutter HMO plans. 

Benefits of Out-of-Network Care

As out-of-network clinicians, we provide the holistic service and care you value and deserve. Our longer, individualized, private sessions make space for comprehensive treatments that are sensitive to your needs for pacing and comfort. Compassionate care is effective care. We collaborate with you to develop a plan of care that aligns with your meaningful goals and intentions. Because we guide and use modalities to support body awareness and to notice shifts in your nervous system, a clear path to your healing process can be possible within 1-3 visits. Our flexible treatment timelines are based on your values versus insurance limitations. Our out-of-network model offers support and resources for your embodied, authentic healing quest towards sustainable change. 

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