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Available Services

An image of a white woman with brown hair performing manual therapy techniques on a client. (Taken with permission).

Initial Evaluation

Thoroughly discuss your concerns, medical history, and goals. The appointment involves a conversation and comprehensive evaluation to assess your musculoskeletal impairments. We will establish a plan of care collaboratively and coordinate with other healthcare providers.

Private Pilates Sessions

Private Pilates sessions allow for you to focus on your movement patterns while also getting one on one verbal and tactile feedback to further integrate new strategies into your movement system.


Follow up appointments are after the initial evaluation and include addressing the impairments causing your symptoms, progressing your plan of care as your symptoms resolve, and helping you to reach your goals.

Bodyful Online Courses

Bodyful is currently selling an online course called Pilates for the Pelvic Floor: Reframe Your Core! This 5 video series focuses on the anatomy of your core and how it forms a pressure management system. You can purchase this course for $45 by venmoing @bodyfulpt with your email address written and we will email you the course!


Virtual wellness appointments that focus on your primary complaints, past medical history, and goals. The emphasis of these sessions is education and application of individualized treatment plans to your specific home environment.

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