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Restorative Yoga

Somatic Pelvic & Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Bodyful Physical Therapy and Wellness is a somatic pelvic health and persistent pain focused practice for all body identities. We use comprehensive treatment plans to promote improved pelvic and orthopedic functions and to help unleash pleasurable movement patterns and embodied joy. We are sensitive to stories of pain and trauma, and aim to facilitate reintegration of the body, mind, and spirit for continued self-empowerment and social engagement.

Image of a white woman with brown hair and a floral top smiling with trees in the background.

Dr. Maryssa Steffen, PT, DPT, WCS

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Dr. Karah Charette, PT, DPT, RYT


When Karah and Maryssa met they realized quickly they are kindred spirits. Both specializing in pelvic health, they also share common passions of dance and somatic movement. Recognizing that true healthcare requires acknowledgment of the whole person and the individual story that comes with that, their practice embodies the fullness of their values.


In their model, patients will be provided one full, uninterrupted hour of one-on-one care with the therapist. Sessions will occur in a quiet and restorative space that creates an environment of warmth and safety. There is adequate transition time between patients to eliminate any feelings of haste, which also allows the therapists time and space to reconnect to the energy that fosters presence with clients. The treatment sessions include manual therapy, education, therapeutic exercise, preventative care, and lifestyle changes so that sessions may feel valuable to the client and offer sustainable change.


Karah and Maryssa embody what they teach. At Bodyful Physical Therapy, you are receiving the energy of two physical therapists who are deeply connected to their work, are continually curious, and show up for you because they also show up for themselves.

Online Courses

Image of a white woman with short hair sitting in a yoga studio cross legged with hands at heart center and head bowing down, Quote on top saying "Knowledge is power and knowledge of self is self-empowerment" by Dr. Bruce Lipton.

"Knowledge is power, and knowledge of self is self-empowerment."

-Dr. Bruce Lipton

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